King of Indo Street Food  

Our Martabak / Indo-Pancake

Martabak is the King of Indonesian Street Food. This is a very popular street food that can be eaten as a sweet treat or savory snack. Everyone loves Martabak Manis, a very thick pancake with the traditional filling chocolate sprinkle, crush peanuts, sesame seed, condense milk and/or cheese. 

What Makes Indo-Food So Great?

Indonesian food reflects the diversity of the Indonesian people. Being an archipelago composed of over 17,000 islands, each with their own history of foreign influences, Indonesian food is a mixture of tastes from all over the world, with its own unique twist. 

Our Promise

Indonesian foods have always been known as melting pots of flavor, with unique mixes of ingredients that are sure to entice every last taste-bud. Here at Papa Don we aspire to introduce those unique flavors to the melting pot that is New York City. 

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Curious about our Flavors?

what is pandan?

Pandan is a tropical leaf that has been characterized as the vanilla of Southeast Asia. Pandan leaves have a naturally sweet, fragrant and strong aroma. The taste is a mixture of floral grass, a little nutty with a hint of coconut.

what is ube? 

Ube, purple yam, is a tuberous root vegetable. It varies in color between a deep purple to white.

This is not to be confused with Taro. Taro is the root vegetable (edible corm) of a leafy, tropical plant. It varies in color between white, light gray to lavender.

Ube is described as a sweeter sweet potato, having an almost floral taste while Taro is described as a mild, sweet and somewhat nutty potato.